Alleged rhino kingpin trial set to be a showdown

Posted on Jun 7, 2016 in Jamie's blog
Alleged rhino kingpin trial set to be a showdown

By Jamie Joseph

Contrary to recent media reports, South Africa is not turning the tide on rhino poaching – the war has just shifted geographically.

Whilst ‘ground zero’ Kruger is showing signs of improvement thanks to vast resources and the incredible efforts of certain individuals, other provinces are not showing a downward trend. KwaZulu-Natal (KZN), second only to Kruger with the number of rhinos butchered last year, is experiencing its worst onslaught of poaching since the crisis began a decade ago.

On May 23rd trial dates were finally set for Dumisani Gwala, the alleged rhino kingpin of KwaZulu-Natal, currently out on R10 000 (US$640) bail for attempted murder and dealing in rhino horn. The trial begins on September 5th and rhino owners across Zululand will be in attendance, ensuring their presence is contributing to an honest court room. There have been several cases against Gwala before, but the cases have either been withdrawn, or the dockets have suspiciously gone missing.

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