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Fear is like fire, it can burn you or it can fuel you. As an activist I fear bearing witness to the extinction of an iconic species far more than I fear taking on a poaching syndicate. The illegal wildlife trade is a joyride for syndicates, and journalism is failing to expose the corruption that makes their deadly playground possible. Too many people get stuck in a job they resent, and they end up dying before they’re dead. Sure, I live on the edge of sensibility, but that’s where the magic happens.

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Jamie_Joseph__Thuli_Madonsela_Phinda_10.4.16Jamie Joseph and Public Protector Thuli Madonsela with Zululand wildlife ambassadors

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In August 2015 I set out on a 14 week mission ‘solving poverty saves wildlife’ – a global showcase of community conservation stories illustrating how we can save Africa’s iconic animals when we tackle the poverty link to the poaching crisis. From Zimbabwe to Zambia, South Africa to Kenya, pioneering conservationists have continued to exceed expectations, carving a path to the end game in the race to save elephants and rhinos from extinction.

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“If she goes below five breaths a minute we’re in trouble,” The vet says calmly.

The spear wound is deep, and at least twenty minutes has passed before they start sealing the wound with a type of clay that looks like war paint.

“Four deep breaths on the minute,” I call out just as I feel something squeeze my heart. “Come on girl,” I whisper to Jetta, and at that moment her trunk gently flicks up, signally the M99 drug is starting to wear off…

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