Every day in Africa, another three rhinos are shot and butchered for a horn that nobody needs. Proceeds from every SsangYong Rhino vehicle sold will go towards Saving the Wild’s race against extinction. The mission is to dismantle poaching syndicates, support safe havens, and protect the black rhino gene pool.


“Nature knows no boundaries and binds all humanity. We should all care about the last of the Maui dolphins, the tigers, the polar bears, the rhinos… As a vehicle distributor in New Zealand, we saw an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the last of the rhinos in Africa. We are looking forward to sharing this journey with the world.”
-SsangYong New Zealand

Watch ‘Wildlife Warrior’, produced by SundayTVNZ, as they follow Jamie Joseph in her mission to eliminate the kingpins of rhino poaching.

ssangyong rhino new zealand

“SsangYong Rhino is on the journey with us now, and together we can go further. This is a war on greed, but what we stand to lose is priceless.”
-Jamie Joseph, Saving the Wild Founder & Director

Saving the Wild has had a considerable impact on the rhino poaching criminal underworld, and the corrupt officials who profit from it.
-Read the full article on Stuff.

“It has become quite the fashion of late for car companies to have “brand ambassadors” – high profile people, usually with a large social media following, who will say nice things about their cars in return for a bit of sponsorship or a free car to drive around in for a while. Sports stars, celebrity chefs, reality TV stars and, worst of all, “social media influencers”, it’s all largely self-serving and somewhat cynical. Jamie Joseph, however, is not your usual brand ambassador. And her arrangement with SsangYong New Zealand is anything but self-serving and cynical.” -Award winning motoring journalist Damien O’Carroll