New Big 5 website brings together the world’s leading wildlife photographers and conservationists.

Saving the Wild partners with New Big 5 initiative

By Jamie Joseph

Conservation photography has always played a significant role in Saving the Wild’s work to convey important messaging, and we have been fortunate to collaborate with revered artists of this craft. Through visual storytelling we’re able to capture the spirit of an animal and connect with humanity in a way that stirs souls and challenges the status quo. 

Conceptualized by British wildlife photographer and journalist Graeme Green, whereas the archaic big 5 was based on the toughest animals in Africa for hunters to shoot and kill, we’re asking: what are your 5 favourite animals from around the world to photograph or see in photographs?

Shooting with a camera, not a gun.

New Big 5 will extend to animals around the globe, with a focus on land mammals. The results will be announced towards the end of 2020, with exciting plans in the pipeline for the next phase. This is just the beginning…

The project is supported by Saving the Wild champions Dr Jane Goodall and Thomas D. Mangelsen, our Kenya partner Big Life Foundation and co-founder Nick Brandt, and documentary photographer Brent Stirton – a pushing boundaries storyteller who has inspired my path of an activist in a profound way. More than 100 of the world’s leading wildlife photographers, film-makers, conservationists and charity organisations have united in a celebration of earth’s extraordinary but vanishing species.

Saving the Wild will be sharing and producing content in support of the New Big 5 initiative; a journey into the heart of the wild alongside those who have dedicated their lives to protecting earth’s last great wild places. From habitat loss to mitigating climate change, from the underbelly of the illegal wildlife trade to the gruelling battle against organized crime, this is a new chapter in the race against extinction.


Photo credit: Graeme Green

“The world is going through dark and difficult times in 2020. The New Big 5 is an exciting, positive way to get people talking and thinking about the world’s wildlife. But it has a serious message: the world’s wildlife is in crisis. Urgent action is needed. It’s an incredible world we live in, a far better place with these animals than without. I hope the New Big 5 can help bring attention and action for all the world’s wildlife, large and small, to stop these animals being lost.” 
-Graeme Green | Founder, New Big 5 project

Photo credit: Thomas D. Mangelsen for Saving the Wild

“What a great project the New Big 5 is. I wonder what the final choices will be? There are so many incredible animals in our world, all fascinating in different ways. The animals chosen will reflect the participants’ characters as much as the qualities of the animal themselves. Any project which brings attention to animals, so many of whom are threatened or endangered, is truly important. I hope this project highlights the need to protect the world’s animals.” 
Dr Jane Goodall | Founder, The Jane Goodall Institute

Photo credit: Thomas D. Mangelsen

Photo credit: Shannon Wild

Photo credit: Steve Winter

Photo credit: Ami Vitale