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Bees saving elephants, and people too!

Until the end of 2020, Saving the Wild is raising funds to expand our bee keeping enterprise in the Kimana corridor running through the heart of the Amboseli ecosystem in Kenya.

“As the human population increases, so do competing land uses, such as farming and cattle grazing. As humans compete for limited resources like water, land, and grass for livestock, we further encroach onto what were once wild lands. With less space to share, people and wild animals now come into direct contact at an alarming rate and sometimes with fatal results.”-Big Life Foundation, Kenya

Elephant-beehive fences are a pioneering way of mitigating conflict because elephants are actually afraid of bees. This sustainable and innovative method of deterring elephant crop raiding has already had great success in other parts of Kenya, while at the same time improving pollination.

During a time when conservation is crippled by the loss of tourism in the wake of the covid pandemic, these sustainable jobs working in harmony with nature are a lifeline for the local Maasai tribes. Profits from the sale of the honey will be put into school scholarships, with one young educated person able to support a family of up to 20 dependents.

Bees saving elephants, and people too!