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Sunday TVNZ ‘Rhino Warrior’ premieres August 19th.

Founder of Saving the Wild, Jamie Joseph is a young woman on a critical mission – to save her beloved African rhinos. With rhino horn worth more than diamonds or cocaine gram for gram, rhino poaching is lucrative and trying to stop it, seriously dangerous.

For almost two years SUNDAY has followed Jamie as she’s worked to build a case against an alleged rhino poaching kingpin and also against the magistrates that she claims allow poachers to keep on killing, all the while drawing strength from her amazing supporters in New Zealand.

Jamie_Joseph__Thuli_Madonsela_Phinda_10.4.16Photo credit: Saving the Wild / Jamie Joseph and Advocate Thuli Madonsela with wildlife ambassadors of Zululand.

#ConvictGwalaRhinoKingpin – The long road to justice…

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On Saturday 28 October 2017, Jamie Joseph exposed the ‘blood rhino blacklist’ syndicate, live on air, on the award winning Radio New Zealand show with Kim Hill. Read the expose and listen to the 30 minute interview here.

Read the April 2018 #JusticeForRhinos Open Letter supported by Dr Jane Goodall and other global icons.


Saving the Wild, committed to pursuing high level targets profiteering from wildlife trafficking, had been gathering intelligence on Mr Big’s alleged syndicate for several months.

“But intelligence is inconsequential if there is no follow through,” says JP Roux, Head of Investigations for Saving the Wild. “We are grateful that the Hawks Endangered Species Unit, led by Colonel Johan Jooste, are committed to disrupting the supply chain, because that really is the game changer in this decade long bloody war. We are cheering them on as they continue to go from strength to strength.”

Regarded as one of the three major rhino poaching kingpins in South Africa, Mabuza started out as a common poacher and is now a force to be reckoned with. The alleged syndicate boss owns numerous properties and businesses in the province of Mpumalanga.