Saving the Wild Director Jamie Joseph, guardian of the ‘Blood Rhino Blacklist’

South Africa rhino poaching: ‘Web of corruption’ blamed

By Alastair Leithead for BBC News, 19 April 2018

Entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson and conservationist Jane Goodall have joined a list of famous names who have signed an open letter to South Africa’s government calling for an end to rhino poaching. 

Conservation group Saving the Wild says a “web of systematic corruption” within the justice system is to blame. It says this has allowed poaching to continue in a province which saw poaching increase by a third.

The campaign body says “no action has been taken against this grossly corrupt alleged syndicate of justice officials”.

“We are concerned that members of this syndicate are under political protection.”

Please watch the documentary and read the full story on BBC.

Parliament suspended Court President Eric Nzimande in October 2018. But the battle for justice continues…