Blood Rhino Blacklist: Regional Court President EXPOSED

18 & 19 August: Back to back explosive ‘RHINO’ documentaries. This is a war on greed, and what we stand to lose is priceless.

On 18 August BBC Worldwide will air a 22 minute documentary ‘Rhinos: Killing and Corruption’. In this explosive film featuring exclusive interviews from the battlefield littered with rhino carcasses to the shiny brass hallways of Parliament, the world will soon learn that in the race to save the last of the rhinos, the number one enemy is not poachers. The number one enemy is power; some of the very people put in charge of protecting our precious wildlife.
Will these crooked “justice” officials be brought to book, or will the rhinos of South Africa continue to tumble into extinction?


South Africa rhino poaching: ‘Bribes paid to court syndicate’

By BBC Alastair Leithead
BBC News, South Africa
‘Pattern of racketeering’
In an affidavit, Fresh describes cases in detail in which he names magistrates and prosecutors he was instructed by his uncle, defense attorney Ngwenya, to pay bribes to. These were predominantly rhino poaching cases, including the case of accused rhino horn dealer Dumisani Gwala, who is yet to go on trial.
Many of these names, and others, also appear in a confidential report for the Magistrates’ Commission, seen by the BBC.
It contains allegations against Eric Nzimande, KwaZulu-Natal Regional Court President, from one of his own acting magistrates, concerning payments being made in exchange for their appointments.
Bank account searches led the investigator to widen the report to include other court officials.
The Nzimande Report outlines the accusations and finds that there “appears to have [been] a pattern of racketeering activity”, urging further investigation.
Read the full story on BBC News.
Read more on RCP Eric Nzimande, ‘Judge in sex, cash for job scandal’ on News24, 2016.

BBC Worldwide | Rhinos: Killing and Corruption premieres August 18th.

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Sunday TVNZ ‘Wildlife Warrior’ premiered August 19th.

Founder of Saving the Wild, Jamie Joseph is a young woman on a critical mission – to save her beloved African rhinos. With rhino horn worth more than diamonds or cocaine gram for gram, rhino poaching is lucrative and trying to stop it, seriously dangerous.
For almost two years SUNDAY has followed Jamie as she’s worked to build a case against an alleged rhino poaching kingpin and also against the magistrates that she claims allow poachers to keep on killing, all the while drawing strength from her amazing supporters in New Zealand.
Currently geo-blocked, but hopefully not for too long, New Zealanders can now exclusively watch the ‘Wildlife Warrior’ episode ON DEMAND @ TVNZ online.

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