Saving the Wild WOMEN

Spanning Southern Africa and East Africa, Saving the Wild WOMEN is our lifetime commitment to women empowerment and cultural diversity.

Our inaugural project begins in Kenya, continuing the race to secure wild land in the Kimana Wildlife Corridor, except this time there is a cultural shift taking place in what is traditionally a patriarchal society. We’re betting on young Maasai women living in Kimana to lead from the front, and gain financial independence through bee keeping and the arts. 

Currently aged between 16 and 21, over the next four years they will be mentored by world class bee keepers and entrepreneurs, and in four years time they will be handed the keys to the business, or in this case, the bee houses. Sometimes there really is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, because honey is the gift that keeps on giving…

Over the next couple weeks we will share the different stages of the inaugural project that has been completed thus far. Currently with 100 colonized hives and facing a drought, the priority right now is to ensure the bees are cared for with sufficient food and water until the rains come. And after witnessing the spirit of the community this year, both women and men, young and old, we have no doubt that whatever obstacles we are faced with, we shall overcome. 

Construction of bee houses
Translocating the bee hives from the trees to the new bee houses

Working together, we CAN keep the land wild!