Join the global march for elephants and rhinos

I just got off a Skype call with South African Dex Kotze; successful business entrepreneur, conservation activist, aviator, strategist, wildlife photography enthusiast, and brave enough to have his email posted all over the web.
I emailed Dex around midnight, and he was online, and we set up a Skype for nine hours later at 9am (SA time), on his 50th birthday. The man is relentless, and he’s doing great things.
Tomorrow he is leading a group of youth from various parts of the world as they embark on a six week rhino conservation programme. But more than just observing rhinos, it is an opportunity for these young care takers of the planet to document what they learn and share their experiences through blogging, photography and film.
One day this year that should steal the spotlight is World Animal Day on the 4th of October. Dex is the strategist for the Global March for Elephants and Rhinos, and so far nearly 150 cities worldwide have joined the call to action.
The objective is to raise awareness of the plight of our iconic species facing extinction, challenge weak government laws, and do so with a united front. An elephant is killed every 15 minutes, and a rhino every 9 hours – we have no time to waste!
All it takes is one person to start a movement in their city. Will that one person be you?
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