#2016YearOfTheRhino – The Game Changers

By Jamie Joseph
South Africa, home to the majority of the world’s remaining rhinos, is in the midst of a wildlife holocaust, with record poaching and around 20 000 wild rhinos left on the continent. Rhino horn – hocus pocus medicine and a status symbol in Vietnam and China – is fuelling the crisis, coupled with rampant corruption that permeates every level of the chain of command from Africa to Asia.
Long term we absolutely need to be tackling the poverty link to the poaching crisis, but clearly whatever we are doing right now is not enough, and so if we are to win this race against extinction we will need to implement new strategies at a magnificent pace. As an independent journalist working fulltime on the crisis, I am in regular contact with global thought leaders seeking solutions to this man made tragedy.
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Photo: Jamie Joseph with Amakhala rhino Themba in the background.

A Virgin Unite Exclusive, here are some of ‘The Game Changers’ that have the potential to end the war on poaching.