SANParks buckles under pressure to introduce polygraphs, CEO arrested

“During the rising onslaught of internal corruption in recent years, there was a period when 40 rangers were polygraphed – 16 passed and 24 failed. Of the “rangers” who failed there was no consequence. Private parks root out the corruption through polygraphing – this is key to their success – and has been widely proven over the years through statistics that show a sharp downtrend in poaching once polygraphs are introduced. We are dealing with organised crime and SANParks management needs to react accordingly. “
Jamie Joseph, Saving the Wild Director. READ: KRUGER UNDER SIEGE, 20 April 2021.

TimesLive: Phineas Dinda, a former full corporal Kruger ranger, convicted for poaching.




A 35 year old woman alleged that on Thursday 2021-05-06 at 21:00 she was at Kruger National Park, skukuza camp at salati restaurant to be more precisely.

She was having some wine and food experience at the restaurant, while busy a friend colleague approached her saying there is a gentleman outside who wants to meet her and she followed her friend where the gentleman was, on arrival the gentleman introduced himself to her as Fundisile Mketeni and asked the victim if she knows him and the victim said she does not know him.

The man told the victim to Google him and she Googled him, pictures of the gentleman showed up and information that he is the CEO of Kruger National Park.

They chatted and later on that day the CEO Mr Mketeni invited the victim and her friend to his house in Skukuza staff village. The victim and the friend went to Mr Mketeni’s place, Mr Mketeni welcomed and offered them a wine and they went outside by the Lapa to join the other guests.

The victim alleges that after couple of minutes Mr Mketeni asked her if she was comfortable to go to a private place with him where they can talk in private, the victim and Mr Mketeni went to the inside the house. Mr Mketeni poured her a glass of wine and she followed him to his bedroom. In the bedroom, she alleges that Mr Mketeni closed the door and started touching her inappropriately and tried to kiss her but she pulled away, after the victim pulled back he then forceful pulled her towards him and she pushed him away for the second time.

The victim said, after he pushed him away Mr Mketeni started insulting her, saying that she is useless, ugly and that he knows beautiful women than her and further say he invited her to his house and drink his wine and this is how she thank him.

The victim alleges that she tried to open the door and Mr Mketeni pushed her and started hitting her, he pulled her down with her hair and kicked her while she was on the floor.

The victim tried her way out of the room and she managed to open the door and run outside where everyone was, Mr Mketeni followed her. The victim cried for help, she asked her friend to ask her boyfriend to take her home and while talking to her friend, Mr Mketeni came and stand in front of her and one of the guest said to Mr Mketeni “Boss relax we got this” and the victim thought the guy was trying to stop Mr Mketeni from coming to attack her, the same guy threatened and told her ‘the victim’ to not even think of reporting Mr Mketeni, because he is a man in power and he works with the police so no one will believe her.

The boyfriend of the victim’s friend car was not locked and she got inside, she alleges that the boyfriend dragged her outside his car and tripped and kicked her all over the her body until she pretended to be dead. She was left lying on the ground, when everyone left the scene she got up and jumped the fence because the gate was looked.

The suspects appeared today 2021-05-10 before Bushbuckridge Magistrate court. Each granted a bail of R2000, the case postponed to 02 June 2021.


Sergeant Mashaba Jo-anne
079 891 5278

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LATEST UPDATE: SANParks CEO Fundisile Mketeni is currently being rewarded with full pay and “special leave” – supported by the SANParks board – this after, according to the police report, nearly raping and beating a woman (Kruger staffer) and then leaving her for dead. This is the man and the board in charge of South Africa’s natural heritage. The rot has risen to the top for all the world to see. And yet they continue to get away with it.