Comvita and Saving the Wild join forces

Comvita press release: 22 July 2020

Comvita and Saving the Wild have joined forces to care for ‘nature in need’ by protecting natural habitats and supporting guardianship of the land by local communities. Our company was established in 1974 and came to life in a counter-culture movement built on respect for nature and humankind.

Our mission is to connect people to nature. 

Saving the Wild is a New Zealand registered charity founded in 2014 by Jamie Joseph. Their mission is to protect endangered African wildlife and ultimately the priceless biodiversity of the planet. Comvita and Saving the Wild have worked together in the past to help nature in crisis. Firstly in 2018 in Africa when Saving the Wild used Comvita’s Manuka Honey to treat rhinos and elephants wounded by poachers. Again in 2020 when Jamie Joseph took Comvita’s Manuka Honey Wound Gel to the frontline of the Australian bushfires, to help treat koalas and other native wildlife burned or injured fleeing the fires. 

Jamie Joseph | 2020 Australia bushfire mission © Adam Oswell for Saving the Wild

And now, in collaboration with Saving the Wild’s Kenya partner Big Life Foundation, Comvita will support local communities living in the Kimana wildlife corridor that runs through the heart of the Amboseli ecosystem, by sharing knowledge of beekeeping and crafting of honey. As the human population increases, so do competing land uses, such as farming and cattle grazing. As humans compete for limited resources like water, land, and grass for livestock, we further encroach onto what were once wild lands. With less space to share, people and wild animals now come into direct contact at an alarming rate and sometimes with fatal results. 

Elephant beehive fences are a sustainable way of mitigating conflict because elephants are actually afraid of bees. This innovative method of deterring elephant crop raiding has already had great success in other parts of Kenya, while at the same time improving pollination.

Watch video: Bees saving elephants and people too!


You can donate to Saving the Wild directly via the DONATE button on their website and all funds will be spent on expanding the beehive enterprise. 

And people living in New Zealand can also shop online at – FOR THE MONTH OF JULY COMVITA WILL DONATE 5% OF YOUR TOTAL ORDER VALUE TO SAVING THE WILD. 

Says Jamie Joseph, “This partnership is a dream come true. It won’t be long now before we see bees saving elephants from conflict, and people too. And this, during a time when conservation is crippled by the loss of tourism, these sustainable jobs working in harmony with nature are truly a life saver. We are so grateful to Comvita for their support in helping us launch this amazing initiative.”